Wednesday, January 30, 2013

OzComics Draw-off #79: Aussie Comics

Never mind chucking some lamb chops on the barbie, or sinkin' a few tubes with yer' mates - if you were a fair-dinkum, ridgey-didge, true-blue Australian cartoonist, you would have spent the Australia Day long weekend hunched over your drawing board/fold-up card table/digital tablet, and cranking out some pictures for the OzComics Draw-off #79, which paid tribute to Australian comic-book characters, past and present.

Clearly, I must be getting older, because I didn't recognise all the characters featured in this contest - amongst the ones I do know were The Southern Squadron, Niteside and the Rock, Hairbutt the Hippo, the Dynamic Dark Nebula, Pizza Man, Azerath, Trevor Bovis (from Greener Pastures) and The Soldier Legacy. But, hey, wait a minute, lurking there in the jungle....could it be? Why I do believe that it's The Panther! (If you don't believe me, check this site out for yourself, cobber) [Image of The Soldier Legacy by Emmanuel Hernaez,]

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